Saturday, June 9, 2012

Italy ready to cast woes into history

A match-fixing scandal back home and a 3-0 hammering by Russia in a friendly, their third defeat on the bounce, has seen the Azzurri arrive at these championships in disarray.
Even so, Italy midfielder Daniele De Rossi, set to play as a libero against the Spaniards in a revamped formation, believes that although the fans may feel disengaged now, they will soon get behind the team and help them put their troubles to bed.
"That could be the case (that the fans feel distant) given what's happened over the last few months but all will be forgotten, not least because those playing (for Italy) have nothing to do with what has happened," he said.
"Just one month before we won the World Cup (in 2006) there was a similar atmosphere.
"It is a little annoying because now next to the page about the national team you read about a sporting trial and we can't wait for it to be over.
"But it's not a case of the whole footballing world being dirty as things seem, the national team is above that."
Spain and Barcelona centre-back Gerard Pique believes that will only make the Italians stronger, as it has in the past. Already in 2006 they won the World Cup directly following a match-fixing scandal and they did so too in 1982 just two years after yet another sordid affair.

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